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We provide opportunities for expansion, legacy building, and succession for your business through education that supports practical and instant application. The Hustle, Juggle and Struggle Academy (HJS) is an educational initiative for small businesses. This community was founded by David B. Plemons, CPA.

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HJS Classes

Are you looking for business information that you can use for immediate application and get results?

We are offering the following classes throughout 2023 with a dynamic group of professionals that will provide clarity and guidance to strengthen and enhance your business.

Classes offered via Zoom!

What is Crisis Management? It is the ability to develop procedures, policies, and action items to manage the response to a crisis – physical plant, cybercrime, weather related, internal compromise and other disruptions to your business.

In this class we will talk about what soft skills are and why they are so important in business. How they can help you and your staff work together more efficiently and effectively, tips to help manage the stress of being a business owner or manager and how to build resilience in yourself, your team and more.

Understanding how a bank looks at the credit of the business & owner, lines of credit, capital funding overview, tools to improve a credit score.

The focus of this session is for the business professional to participate in active discussions on ethical decision-making, analyze case studies, and evaluate a variety of business decisions in past and present situations.

Participants in this course will be challenged to discern between ethical or unethical behavior, analyze professional expectations, and engage with each other in determining the resources needed to ensure business sustainability for the next 3 to 5 years of their business life.

There are specific strategies and processes that can aid you in growing the capacity of your business. Learn how to create different types of business plans, develop a winning capability statement, 5 C’s of credit, how to best network, preparing for funding and more.

This is a series of topics to better understanding the difference between non-exempt and exempt employees,
how to motivate employees, communication improvement and how to conduct employee evaluations. It also includes management and supervision guidance.

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